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"What is wrong?" 
What happened to your poor world 
Upside down upon its head 
There is something wrong with you now 
I wanna know, what is wrong? 
I gotta know
What is your fucking problem?
Maybe it's a fear of death 
Maybe it's you're lack of a life 
Maybe you take out all of your self hatred on everyone else
and that's not alright 
If you've got a problem,
Take it up with me and we'll see
If we can work it all out 
Cuz if you've got a problem, 
Then I've got a problem 
We're on the same side
But you don't see 
Take some time if you need 
To get your shit together 
No rush you just got forever 
Holding fear will be your death
Let it go out with a breath 
Pull strength from deep inside 
That place where you used to hide 
If you do not, you're gonna die

"Debt to be paid"
I'll pull you from the shelter
And I'll take you home 
To live with me forever 
You will never be left all alone
You will become an important part of my family 
No hesitation on taking the debt that comes along with your life
Bill has been made
The short time you have left
We'll make the most of it
Until you reach the end of your time I'll stand 
Ready to pay 
Bill has been made, Debt to be paid 
Hopefully but not today 

There is a debt to be paid 
When hard choices are made 
But we try to not pay 
But that choice was made 
And that debt won't fade away
but we lie to ourselves that we won't pay 
But then comes the day 
When that bill must be paid and you die inside

"Endless circle of bullshit" 
The worlds all broken 
Truth don't fit anymore 
I'm the nail and the hammer comes down 
Deformed and held tight 
Thought I knew it all 
But I don't know what's true anymore 
Endless circle of bullshit
endlessly circling
Endless circle, circle of bullshit 
Keeps spinning around and around 
Taking us all for a ride
As the truth died 
The lies they tell on the tv 
Pretend it's facts but it lacks
All credibility
Bullshit for all to see 
The know nothing life for me,
I'm living the know nothing life
Let me introduce you to the internette
Kept in your safe bubble 
To avoid the trouble 
of critically thinking 
Your shit is stinking 
The know nothing life for me,
I'm living the know nothing life

"So sick"
Yeah I'm so fucking sick 
I am so fucking sick of these things I see all the time 
I'm so sick, sick of it 
I'm so sick of this shit I can't even stand it 
Tell me when it's done so I can't try to stop being so sick of it 
I gotta find a way out 
To save my body from failing 
To stop the torture to my brain 
It's like I wanna die 
To get away from this nightmare 
To rid myself of all of this 
I'm so damn sick of this shit 
I'm gonna get on an airplane 
Travel million miles to a new place 
Where everything is different 
But then ill still be so sick of that
Place in less than a week 
I'm gonna throw a fit 
Cuz I'm so damn sick of this shit 
I am so fucking sick of all these things I see all the time 
Fuck this shit

"Dead city"
San Francisco is dead 
Long live the city that used to know how 
Yeah, it's gone 
I wanna watch it burn 
Cremation is needed when the city you love has died and is rotting away 
Watch it all burn to the ground 
The flames of greed consuming all
The city I loved is gone
And what's replaced it?
Greed and avarice rules all 
I wanna burn it down 
Scatter its ashes into the sea to live again in my dreams 
Watch it all burn to the ground
The flames of greed consuming all 
Emptying the artists like trash 
Bag it up and throw it all away 
A corpse on the coast 
Evicted it's soul 
A struggle just to breathe 
In one month where will I be? 
Idk, this one lost.
Things never really stay the same 
Yeah, it's gone
Build a funeral pyre 
Evict more struggling people to make more cash for your greedy fucking ass

"Get out of my mind"
I can think whatever I want 
Not that I can even control it
You can't judge me on my thoughts even if you think they are shit 
But I try and I try 
To keep you out of my mind 
But I'd be lying if I said that I'm doing fine 
But I try and I try to stop your probing all of the time 
You don't belong in my mind 
Get out of my mind it's mine
You have no right to find what's mine that's living deep in my mind 
So I try n I try 
To bury these thoughts deep inside 
But I'd be lying if I said that they're easy to find 
So I try and I try to stop you digging in my mind 
If you could peek thru a window in my head
You'd be amazed at the view 
But by brain has got no window 
No window for you

"End times"
Here it comes
The end times comes 
The worlds blowd up 
It's so fucked 
Now it's the end for you and all the rest 
Be prepared to suffer the wrath of god before your eventual death 
So pack your bags 
We leave tonight 
Caught the last flight 
Going where we can be safe 
Gonna make a new life
In a distant land I've got a plan 
This is our last stand 
End times coming 
There's no escaping the inevitable 
It's coming but soon for you 
There's really no hope in this world 
In spite of all you might do 
Prepare for eternity 
No time for civility 
It's time to meet your maker 
Before your soul is taken 
Feel the frozen hand of death 
Touching you upon your breast

"No Help Coming"
You've got yourself into 
Another big problem 
But no one can save you from this hell that you're in 
So look up at the sky 
Watch as the clouds pass by 
No one will be coming for you 
You're on your own again 
With a good chance to die 
Even if you won't survive 
You have got to try 
Don't fear what's coming 
Do something to change it 
You alone are responsible for everything in your world
Gotta do what you gotta do when the push comes to shove 
No one will be coming for you 
Keep praying for a solution 
That's ok to do 
Gods not in right now 
No one is coming for you 
Gods not in right now 
Gotta rely on yourself 
He's not coming in today 
He's got some things to do 
Can't leave a message 
He's busy with other things 
Like your death 
The time has come for you to realize that no one is coming for you 
No one is coming for you 
And that's fine 
Rely on yourself or die 
No one is coming for you 
Thru the night 
You've got the strength to
Make it right 
Maybe there's nothing in the world you can do 
Trapped in a deep dark place 
Death coming for you 
Hope you lived for today, cuz today is no more
Goodbye to all of this
We've opened hells doors